The Haute Custom Beauty Ritual began through a persistent quest for an anti-aging treatment by a three-generation beauty institute in Barcelona. With more than 30 years providing all facets of skincare for some of the most discerning clientele in Europe, the HCB Institute developed an advanced signature ritual based on the personalization of skincare by tapping into a wide range of natural beauty ingredients and actives.

In 2012 HCB partnered with an established American research institute from Austin to design an algorithm that determines the skin’s needs as well as an innovative method resulting in a highly effective comprehensive skincare treatment.

After a three year journey of extensive dermatological research and sourcing of potent natural nutrients from around the world, HCB is now able to offer an exclusive signature beauty ritual in a monthly set. Today our global clientele without access to our Barcelona Institute can experience HCB’s powerful anti-aging and skin luminosity results at home.